Emergency Rescue Cases That Fuzhou Brighter Participated In


Cooperate with State Grid Xiamen Company for emergency repair

At the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016, the 14th typhoon "Meranti" landed in the coastal area of Xiang 'an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province with a magnitude of 15. It disrupted the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations of the Fujian people. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Fujian people spent in the storm.

Typhoon Meranti (English: Typhoon Meranti, International Code: 1614) is the 14th named storm of the 2016 Pacific Typhoon season.

At 14:00 on September 10, 2016, Meranti formed over the ocean surface of the Northwest Pacific Ocean.It intensified into a severe tropical storm at 14:00 on September 11.On September 12, it became a typhoon at 2:00, a strong typhoon at 8:00, and a super typhoon at 11:00.It strengthened to a peak intensity of 70m/s on the night of September 13.On September 15, it made landfall in the city of Xiamen in China's Fujian Province with maximum winds of 48m/s.It weakened to tropical depression at 1700.It dissipated in the Yellow Sea of China in the early hours of September 16.

The damage caused by "Meranti" is mainly in the southern Fujian region where the population is most concentrated, leading to urban flooding, house collapse, infrastructure damage and interruption of hydropower and road communication. In particular, the power supply of Xiamen was basically paralyzed and water was cut off. In Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, a large area of power failure resulted in extremely serious economic losses.According to the preliminary statistics of the provincial prevention and control index, as of 21 am Tuesday, 1.795,800 people in 86 counties (urban areas) in the province had been affected and 655,500 people had been evacuated.Due to the wide area affected by the disaster, 18 people died and 11 people were missing, 86.7 thousand hectares of crops were affected, 40 thousand hectares were damaged and 10 thousand hectares of crops were lost, and 18,323 houses were destroyed.The province's total direct economic losses amounted to 16.9 billion yuan.Typhoon Meranti toppled 650,000 trees and damaged 17,907 houses in the city of Xiamen.A total of 28 people were killed, 49 injured and 18 missing in mainland China.Taiwan was also hit hard by Typhoon Meranti as it brushed across the southern part of the island, killing two people.

"Meranti" came with great force, and Fuzhou Brighter Electromechanical Co., Ltd Fujian Project Center cooperated with State Grid Power Department to pull out a number of self-powered lighting fixtures and portable and mobile emergency lighting fixtures to support the emergency front line.


The first emergency lighting supplies arrived ready for commissioning and put into use


It is the technicians who are commissioning the lighthouse's front lighting to ensure that the lighthouse can be safely and efficiently put into operation


Our technicians are checking the large lighting lighthouse which is to be adjusted and pulled out


The night lighting effect is very good, providing sufficient lighting to ensure the rescue and relief work smoothly.

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