Emergency Mobile Tower Light with Self-Uploading and Unloading for Rescue KLT-LB6180E-K

Self-loading and unloading/Led and metal halide

High effeciency and mobility powered by gasoline mobile lighting towers

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▶ High mobility and agility

The LB6180E series is designed for the power companies to use a large number of repair pickup truck, can be directly the standard repair pickup truck container as a vehicle, fast to the pickup truck can drive to the most extreme repair site.

Compared with traditional lighthouses which need large trucks for loading, it has the characteristics of maneuvability, flexibility, strong passability, low requirements for road conditions and compliance with traffic regulations, etc. It can follow the rescue team to reach the designated place with the fastest speed in emergency rescue.

▶ Self-loading and unloading

The LB6180E series has a patented "fulcrum" electric loading and unloading system that can be loaded or unloaded in 180 seconds.Can greatly reduce the departure preparation and transfer time, without other lifting equipment support and follow, fast, efficient, safe, economic.

Traditional lighthouse loading requires a large crane or forklift to complete loading, and the crane or forklift must follow the truck to the scene of emergency before unloading. The loading time is long, and it also consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.The rapid loading and unloading function of the "Fulcrum" handling system.

▶ Main lighting - Patented "EBL" emergency special light mixing system

The main lighting "EBL" system includes a 1000W metal halide lamp and a 1000W high pressure sodium lamp.Two sets of 350W LED floodlights.The 'EBL' system absorbs and references the lighting experience of many major emergencies, and is specially designed for emergency. It fully considers the special emergency working environment to ensure the best effect of users on site.

With high color rendering index, human eyes and video system can accurately capture the original color of the photographed object without color difference.The high pressure sodium lamp has high brightness and strong penetrating ability to rain and fog. It can ensure sufficient irradiation distance under the harsh climate environment of emergency site.LED projection light has a long life, and the light source has a service life of up to 100,000 hours. The light source will not be changed within its life cycle.Strong anti-vibration capability, the light source will not break or be damaged even after long distance travel and transportation on unpaved road, which ensures the normal use of the lighthouse.The LED lamp can start immediately when the lighthouse needs to start again quickly in an emergency without waiting.
Characteristic auxiliary lighting design.

Both sides of the lighthouse are equipped with a set of LED floodlights for operating lighting around the lighthouse. There will be no "black under the light" in the use of traditional lighthouses, which fully reflects the global lighting function of the lighthouse.

▶ Searchlight

Auxiliary lighting 500W high-power searchlight, effective irradiation distance 400-500m, with the use of main lighting to achieve both near and far to meet various emergency site lighting requirements, such as transmission line/tower in cross-railway/highway line operations, line search and rescue, rescue site rescue, etc.

▶ Brief Specification

Brief Specification LB6180E LB6180E-K LB6180E-Discovery
Light Source Mixed Mixed Mixed
Search Light —— —— ——
Main Light 2700W 2700W 2700W
Auxiliary Light 2*60W(LED) 2*60W(LED) 2*60W(LED)
Generator Honder Honder Honder
Rated power 5KW 5KW 5KW
Rated Voltage 220V 220V 220V
IP Grade Lamp IP65 Lamp IP65 Lamp IP65
Dimension 1350*1500*1850 1350*1500*1850 1350*1500*1850
Battery Battery for specific application
Battery for specific application
Battery for specific application
Irradiation Distance
(Search Light)
—— —— ——
Effective Irradiation Area
16000㎡ 16000㎡ 16000㎡
Lifting Height 7m 7m 7m
Running Time 25h 25h 25h
Fuel Tank Capacity 50l 50l 50l
Fuel Gasoline #92 Gasoline #92 Gasoline #92
Start Electric/Manual Electric/Manual Electric/Manual
Mast Lifting Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Rotation of Lamp 90° 90° 90°
Extension of Support Electric+Manual Electric+Manual Electric+Manual
Extension Control Synchronous/Asynchronous Synchronous/Asynchronous Synchronous/Asynchronous
Total Weight <550kg <560kg <565kg

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