Orders Keep Coming, Monthly Output Sets Another Record, Assembling Workshop Holds Celebration Party

Following the achievement of over 200% increment in turnover in 2020, the work and proceeding in 2021 also accelerated smoothly as expected. By the end of November, this year has exceeded last year's full-year production tasks. As we enter the last month of 2021, product orders are coming one after another, and colleagues are highly motivated and energetic.

In 2021, the worldwide epidemic situation is unpredictable and unpredictable. However, due to the excellent domestic epidemic prevention work, the epidemic was effectively controlled. The company's production work was not affected, but brought continuous orders due to repeatedly winning the bidding. The sales work of the head office kept achieving good results, and the production work of our company was also completed in an orderly manner and on schedule, and we kept summing up our experience in the production, improving the process and technology of the products, and the company management became more and more scientific and efficient.

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Post time: Dec-10-2021