Innovative Patented Light Tower Generator Set KLT-6180E-K-TYP

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Self-loading and high mobility

KLT-6180E-K-TYP is designed for the repair pickups used by power companies in large numbers, and can directly carry the standard repair pickup cargo box to reach the most extreme repair sites that the pickup can drive to; it comes with a patented "pivot point" electric loading and unloading system, through which it can It can be loaded or unloaded within 180 seconds. It can greatly reduce the departure preparation and transfer time, while no other lifting equipment support and follow, fast, efficient, safe and economic.


Main lighting emergency special hybrid light source system

The main lighting system includes one set of 1000W metal halide lamp, one set of 1000W high-pressure sodium lamp; 2 sets of 350W LED floodlights. The lighting system absorbs the experience of using lighting with reference to many major emergencies, specially designed for emergency, fully considering the emergency special operating environment to ensure the best use of the user site.




Vice lighting 3 × 500W high-power searchlight, with well-designed searchlight landing bracket, you can adjust the irradiation angle, when 3 sets of searchlights irradiate the same position, the irradiation distance of 1500m, especially suitable for transmission lines / towers in cross-railway / highway line operations, transmission lines anti-typhoon repair, rescue site search and rescue and other on-site use.


Specially adapted sites

1.  transmission lines / towers in the cross-railway / highway line operation site more  customers

2. transmission line anti-typhoon repair

3. Rescue site search and rescue


Searchlight usage description

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Facilitate the use of the site when the distribution of more operating points, "Lichima" typhoon, Wenzhou power poles collapsed in large numbers, due to the basic model of each lighthouse only one searchlight, the number of searchlights for this particular site is not enough, so then called three lighthouses to successfully complete the repair work; so the development of KLT-6180E-K-TYP to solve such problems (the same work site has more than one operating point), each searchlight bracket with clever design makes the searchlight can be 360 ° to adjust the angle of illumination, to achieve 1 lighthouse can complete 3 to 4 operating surface lighting.


Light pole design

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Lighting fixture configuration

Adopt pneumatic light pole as lifting pole, lifting height 7 meters


The height of 7 meters is for the consideration of the weight control and wind resistance of the lighthouse, and the mobility is chosen between the two of the lifting height and the mobility of the lighthouse.

The reason for choosing pneumatic light pole is the mature application, simple and reliable structure and good stability.

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High-powered long-distance searchlight


Illumination distance up to 500 meters or more, especially suitable for emergency site search and rescue and high-voltage line operations.

As a large lighthouse, it should do both near and far, in order to adapt to more complex site environment. This is a characteristic lighting configuration added after the company has participated in the real site for many times to sum up the experience.

Post time: Jan-07-2022