Emergency Rescue of Fujian China


From the night of May 18 to 19, 2015, Qingliu and Ninghua counties of Fujian Province suffered continuous torrential rain, with a maximum rainfall of 366 millimeters. The torrential rain broke the historical extreme value and turned into a once-a-century flood. Our company’s Fujian project center service staff quickly contacted the local power company, with emergency lighting equipment rushed to the scene for support.

20 on the morning of the fujian provincial flood control and drought relief command center on the developing trend of rainfall regime, timely deployment, point-to-point transfer hazardous area personnel, guidance and organization, meteorological and hydrological departments in consultation with the analysis of the current flood situation, study the deployment of the next stage defensive focus, request according to the plan around the full implementation of flood control and disaster relief measures,And focus on duty monitoring, geological disaster prevention, reservoir dispatching and other three key work.

In the face of heavy rainfall, all parts of Fujian started emergency response for flood control in time and spared no effort to rescue and provide disaster relief.On the 19th, Sanming City started flood prevention Ⅱ level response.For Qingliu, Ninghua and other places rainstorm prevention work, the provincial prevention and Sanming City point – to – point guidance.At 3 am on the 19th, secretary general ye shuangyu, member of the standing committee of fujian provincial party committee, and vice governor Chen rongkai, general commander of fujian provincial prevention and control agency, arrived overnight in qingliu and ninghua counties, which suffered the heaviest rainfall, to direct flood rescue work.From the early morning of the 18th, the Ninghua, Qingliu two counties on the basis of the meteorological, hydrological department forecast forecast, early warning, in advance to organize the evacuation of low-lying areas.

Emergency Rescue of Fujian China

Water intake of Qingliu Power Business Hall 

Emergency Rescue of Fujian China1

Our company’s emergency technical support personnel at the substation repair site

Emergency Rescue of Fujian China2

Our company’s personnel operate the self-powered lighting equipment, and the low-power LED self-powered lighting is very practical with low noise and high brightness in the indoor rush repair of the substation.

Emergency Rescue of Fujian China3

Urban flooding in qingliu county, fujian province

Emergency Rescue of Fujian China4

The universal working lamp is adsorbed on the switchgear for fixed illumination

Emergency Rescue of Fujian China5

Emergency repair site of Yonghui Supermarket underground power distribution station in Ninghua City

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